Security service to you is our main objective.  We truly want to serve you as a client.  We also want your input so that our company officers can become very familiar with your security operations and needs.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Industrial, Commercial, Private Property
  • Hotels, Offices, Apartments
  • All Other Types of Facilities
  • Construction Sites
  • Social and Special Events
  • Federal Process Service
  • Investigations
  • Patrol
  • 24 Hour Service



Staffed with experienced investigators, our company offers a full array of investigative services.

Services included are all confidential, but are not limited to:

  • Corporate and Business Services
  • Pre-Employment/ Background Check
  • Attorney Investigative Services/ Process Services
  • Financial & Fraud Investigation
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Criminal/ Civil Investigations
  • Under Cover Investigations & Surveillance
  • Individual & Personal Services



Conducting business as usual can lead to complacency and vulnerability.  An experienced external perspective can help uncover and minimize the risks that arise in our ever-changing times.

Mikolajewski & Associates, Inc. can conduct a comprehensive assessment of your facility's security needs and potential vulnerabilities and deliver a detailed analysis.

In addition, Mikolajewski & Associates, Inc. provides consulting and needs-assessment for special or rare occurrences when an out-of-the-ordinary event requires extra diligence.

Mikolajewski & Associates, Inc. can deliver an extensive evaluation of existing security measures and procedures.  

This provides:

  •       An identification and assessment of security risks
  •       A comprehensive, detailed facility survey
  •       Recommendations for effective, efficient changes

Mikolajewski & Associates, Inc. is ready to meet with your staff, review your site and discuss how we can improve your security infrastructure.


24 / 7 Availability

As part of our package, all officers have communication with our offices through portable radios.  These lines of communication are constantly monitored, and provide our officers with a significant advantage, allowing them to have direct communication with us at all times.


Our Service Commitment

Services rendered are charged on an hourly basis per officer.  Mikolajewski & Associates Inc. is not presenting you with another hourly rate for security and investigation.  We are presenting you with a service that is flexible, well-trained, dependable, and ready to adapt itself to your environment. We will do what you, the client, ask of us.

Call our office at any time to get further details for any of these services.



Mikolajewski & Associates, Inc. partners with our Clients to determine your needs and assume as much responsibility as possible to ensure justification of the costs relating to security. 

Please contact us at any time:

(574) 289-7226

We are a 24/7 operation.